Who We Are

Inspiring sustainability and growth of third world countries and communities around the world.

Children in PovertyOur charity provides tangible and intangible support to countries throughout the world. We offer more than supplies – we offer hope.

We use donor contributions to make a difference in the lives of children today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

We Plant a Better Tomorrow

  • Planting of trees and green spaces
  • Food
  • Clean water
  • Medical supplies and aid
  • Education and training
  • Job creation and opportunities

Our Roots Grow Deep

Today, our charity is a well-established, nonprofit resource agency that partners with federal, state and local agencies, corporations and foundations to assist neighborhood groups, churches and schools in their efforts to improve the ecosystem our third world communities through tree planting projects, environmental education, urban agriculture, open space reclamation, vacant land management, and workforce development programs.


Westport Youth Athletic Association
P.O. Box 1567
Westport, MA 02790
Ken Sullivan, WYAA President: 508-212-2419; (e) Wyaa1997@gmail.com
Gardner Lane, WYAA Head of Fundraising: 773-206-5444; (e) gardner.lane@guaranteedrate.com